Anders Heymuth Clausen is PURA VIDA'S first contributing artist!

Anders is an artist and a natural movement trainer living in Scandinavia and is a direc descendent of a Danish viking bloodline.

He is a devoted lover of nature and everything that nature holds. A practitioner of animism he nurtures a spiritual approach to the mysteries of life.

He trains strictly outdoors in contact with nature, in spite of the raw, wet, cold and windy weather conditions he meets 10 out of 12 months a year in Scandinavia.

This passion for nature is refelcted in his art, which is heavily inspired by Scandinavian art history and culture.


Our first artist contribution to PURA VIDA and we could not be more excited!

Anders says, "In this motive "Wolf howling at moon" tells a story about the wolf's love for moving free and not chained down by society."

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